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Home Storage Solar All In One Solution

5.5Kw Hybrid Inverter &LiFoPo4 battery pack ESS 48V 10kwh Home Storage Solar All In One Solution


All-in-one Energy Storage Equipment are specially developed for users in the areas of power shortage 

and it adopts the design concept of integration, which integrates the modules 

of energy storage battery,PV controller, energy storage inverter,energy management unit and intelligent terminal control.

1. Power grid, PV, battery power supply priority can be set;

2. Built -in timer for switching operations in multiple modes;

3. Support RS232 WIFI multiple communication methods, check the system running status anytime, anywhere;

4. Extensible lithium battery design, 10-20kWh lithium battery optional, meet the daily electricity needs of users;

5. Mixed -net inverter, supports grid -to -network selling power;

6. Pure sine wave output, Friendly to electric equipment;

7. Stacking design, easy to install.

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– Plug and play solution

– Combination of Inverter and Battery pack and MPPT ,Easy Installation.

– Multiple communication for rs232, Modbus, SNMP, GPRS and Wi-Fi,

– ≥6000Cycles/80%DOD@25℃, 6000 times of cycle life for 10 more years of life spa.

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– High energy density, reducing the overall volume by 40%;

– Good deep discharge performance.

– Producing with full certification raw materiel only, from Grade A battery cells to BMS, cables etc.

-Full Production from BMS, Breaker,Inverter.

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– Inverter grid connection certification: CE-LVD/IEC62109-1/-2IEC62040-1;VDE-AR-N4105,VDE0126-1-1AS4777.2;NRS097-2-1:2017;EN50438:2013;G99/1-6:2020

– Battery certification:UN38.3,MSDS,IEC62619(CB),EMC,UL.

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Model    TG-ESS-5.5KW-LV10(TG 5510-EY1A1)    TG-ESS-5.5KW-LV20(TG 5520-EY1A1)    

*These figures may vary depending on different 

AC voltage and country regulation . 

Product specifications are subject to change without further notice .



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