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1000w power station OT-CN1000

Battery Type:LiFePO4
Controller Type:MPPT
Enclosure Material:V0 grade flame retardant material PC+ABS
Gross weight:12.45kg
LCD Lamp Color:White, green, red.
Power Source:AC Adaptor, Car, Solar Panel, Other, Other


Features of Portable Power Station

1. According to dustproof, sand -proof, splash -proof water design and strong mobility;

2. Support three charging methods:municipal electricity, photovoltaic, and car cigarette lighter interface;

3. Support DC side charging and putting functions;

4. AC110V or 220V, DC 5V/12V and other voltage output;

5. High -performance, high security, high -power 21700 lithium battery;

6.Impurd pressure, overcurrent, over temperature, short -circuit, overcoming, over -loading and other system protection functions;
7. Use a large screen to display the remaining power, voltage, output power, and various functions instructions;

8. Supportwireless charge, QC3.0, Type-C, fast charge function;

9. Equipped with automotive battery charging interface 13.8V/5A;

10. No output 60 seconds automatically shut down or long -turnable can be switched freely.


① Insert the standard adapter into the "adapter port" ② Insert the solar board specifications to 18V/(≥150W) into the "solar port"
③ Insert the fast charger into the "fast charging port", the current charging function will be displayed on the LCD display What is the rate,

 the battery symbol will also display the battery charging power one by one


2.AC Discharge

Long press the "AC startup key" to open or turn off the AC software for 3 seconds, and the AC on the LCD 

screen will light up/display the current output voltage. For normal use equipment, how much watt is the current use power on the display. (Note:
Please do not exceed the maximum output power of this machine. The maximum output power of this machine is 1200W. 

If the load exceeds 1000W power, it will enter the protection state. The method outputs, remove the excess load restart to restart the power
supply normally. )


3.DC Discharge

Long press the "DC startup key" for 3 seconds to turn on or turn off the DC, the DC on the LED screen to

 open the icon to light up, and you can use all DC DC output ports normally.


4.Auto Battery Charging

After turning on the DC power supply, connect the equipped crocodile clip into the 13.8V interface of the machine, 

clamp the red crocodile to the positive electrode of the battery, and clamp the black crocodile on the negative electrode of the battery. (Note:
positive and negative pole adversity countermeasures Will damage the machine)


5.Wireless Charge

After turning on the DC power, the mobile phone or device with wireless charging function will be automatically charged on the
icon. On the display, the current use power will be displayed.


6. Heat Dissipation Fan

When the internal temperature of the machine reaches 45 degrees, the cooling fan is automatically turned on


7.Led Light

After turning on the DC power, click the DC key to light up the lighting light. (Short pressing the lighting lights long,

 twice flashed, three rescue signals, then close the lighting light again)




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